Box VI

untitled (Box IV), 2011

cardboard box, light bulb, cable, metal clips, foil, paper, camera, beamer, projection
variable dimensions
photo: def image

A light-blue reflecting foil covers a cardboard box and extends over its edge, almost reaching the base. On the foil’s surface are scattered paper clips. A light bulb illuminates the inside of the box, and everything is monitored by a fixed, unobtrusive and almost invisible miniature camera. Two black cables go from the box to another room, where a projector beams on a wall the image captured by the camera, greatly enlarged. The image projected bears no direct reference to the objects assembled in the box, transforming their combination into a full imaginary but realistic landscape: the moon or sun formed by the reflection of the light bulb on the foil, the seemingly misplaced random paper clips form sea and shore, clouds or mountains. A subtle change in the orderings inside the box, or changes of illumination through external movement in the exhibition space alters the projected image.